SquidCam - iPhone 4s Camera Lens Case | Camera Lens Case For iPhone 4 | Fisheye, Wide Angle & Macro Lenses

iPhone4/4s SquidCam Case and 4 lens system (fisheye, macro & wide angle lenses)


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SquidCam iPhone camera case + 4 lens system for the iPhone. Fisheye, wide angle and 2 macro lenses!

Silicone Case

msrp/list: $65 available online for $54.95


Free Standard Domestic shipping on all orders!

Soft and very durable, water resistant silicone and available in a variety of vibrant colors. 


Removable Blocks 

(colors come as shown) or request upon note at checkout!! 

1 Rectangular block (2x3 pattern size)

1 square block (2x2 pattern size)

Now with 4 Lenses!!

We have have now added one more iPhone photography lens to the system, from 3 lenses to 4 lenses! You get the added benefit of an even more magnifying 15x macro!

4 lenses easily packaged in two adapter units! 

2in1 180 iPhone Fisheye lens + 15x macro

2in1 2x iPhone wide angle lens + 10x macro


Align the 3 holes and snap on the lenses!




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