iPhone4/4s SquidCam Case and 4 lens system (fisheye, macro & wide angle lenses)



SquidCam iPhone camera case + 4 lens system for the iPhone. Fisheye, wide angle and 2 macro lenses!

Silicone Case

msrp/list: $65 available online for $54.95


Free Standard Domestic shipping on all orders!

Soft and very durable, water resistant silicone and available in a variety of vibrant colors. 


Removable Blocks 

(colors come as shown) or request upon note at checkout!! 

1 Rectangular block (2x3 pattern size)

1 square block (2x2 pattern size)

Now with 4 Lenses!!

We have have now added one more iPhone photography lens to the system, from 3 lenses to 4 lenses! You get the added benefit of an even more magnifying 15x macro!

4 lenses easily packaged in two adapter units! 

2in1 180 iPhone Fisheye lens + 15x macro

2in1 2x iPhone wide angle lens + 10x macro


Align the 3 holes and snap on the lenses!




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Case and 3 iPhone lenses for the price can't be beat! Customer service is also top notch. Great product, great idea, great person behind the brand! 2 big thumbs up for the SquidCam iPhone lens! 

-Ryan W.


I've tried different iPhone photography lenses, none of which works with the iPhone case on. The Squidcam case provides the armor that I've always wanted. The quality of the iPhone lens is great, the photos come out clear and bright as can be. If you are an avid macro iPhoneographer, I highly recommend this great tool. 



On of my favorite parts about the Squidcam iPhone camera is the Lego grip of the case. Not only cool looking, but gives you an excellent grip on your phone while on the go. Not to mention the macro and fisheye lenses themselves are sharp and clear. Overall I'm really happy with the case and lens system that the Squidcam provides! :)

- Scott B.


The iPhone case is well-designed and durable. The lego style is eye-catching and I've received many compliments on it! It takes your iPhone photography to the next level. I would recommend this iPhone case (+ lenses) to anyone who has the need for a great iPhone case and ... takes many iPhone macro photos (or fisheye, or wide-angle photos) like myself! :)

- Myrh N.

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